Caution! Posting in the Creative Grove Board

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Caution! Posting in the Creative Grove Board Empty Caution! Posting in the Creative Grove Board

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:49 pm

Post creative content created by you or others here.

When posting outside media, you must credit the original creator, no exceptions. Even better if you can provide a link back to the creator's page whether that be a blog, portfolio, personal website, etc. Crediting 'Unknown' or 'Anonmyous' will not work.

If you do not know and cannot figure out the original creator, do not post it.

And of course, if it is private content (something from a private blog, a paid commission for someone that isn't you, or perhaps something that is only supposed to be paid-to-view such as a Patreon reward) please refrain from posting it.

At best, any posts not following these rules will be deleted, at worse, you may be banned for continuous improper posting.

My apologies for being harsh, but Forumotion is very strict on copyright rules and infringing copyright could get this board deleted.


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