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Post by Admin on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:28 am

What is Mori Kei?

I posted an explanation of Mori Kei in [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Can I post Dark Mori/Hama/Yama/Natural Kei?

If it is a subfashion derived from Mori Kei, please feel free to post about it! Mori Kei is a fashion open to a lot of interpretation, so don't be afraid something 'isn't Mori enough' to post. Just keep in mind this isn't a Lolita or Fairy Kei forum, even if those fashions are sometimes similar to Mori Kei.

Will I get in trouble if I post 'witchy' Mori fashion because of the ban on religious affiliation?

That ban is more about overt religious messages. Expressing yourself by posting coords inspired by your religion or that includes cross, pentagram, Star of David, or other symbol jewelry is perfectly fine, as long as the overall style is still Mori, and you acknowledge that Mori is not related to any one religion. A picture of your witchy Mori coords is okay; a picture of your witchy Mori coords followed by details of a spell you did that day is not okay.

Someone posted something I find offensive. What should I do?

If it truly seems to be a problem, contact the Admin with a link to the content so we can decide if it is appropriate for this forum. Do not reply, attack, or even private message the parties involved, because it could end up getting you in trouble, too.

I followed the above guidelines but the Admin decided to leave the offensive content!

We do our best to be objective and look at offending content from all perspectives. Sometimes you just might not agree with a person's opinion, and that is fine, but that doesn't mean that opinion needs to be censored. If you have an issue with something or someone, simply leave it be and ignore it. If you are absolutely certain that it is an issue, contact the Admin with details as to why you believe it needs to be addressed and we can work from there.

Someone posted something that is against the rules. What should I do?

Again, contact the Admin with a link to the content or at least directions to where it's located so we can deal with it. Please do not handle these situations on your own.

This person is harrassing me on the forum and/or over private message!

Report that person to the Admin. If you are able to, please take screenshots of the behavior for proof (even if it is on the forum, members can delete their own posts so it is better safe than sorry). Harrassment is a serious issue and can result in a lifetime ban, so we are very careful in deciding guilt on the matter.

I have a suggestion for the website and/or this information you posted is incorrect...

This is hard work, and we appreciate all feedback. Simply private message the Admin and we'll get back to you!

I want to help! Can I become a moderator?

Right now we are not looking for forum moderators. If that changes in the future there will be an announcement asking for volunteers, but the position will require dedication and our trust. Only members who have been registered and active for a couple months will be allowed into moderator positions.

Who is behind the 'Admin' username?

For the purpose of maintaining authority and keeping forum responsibilities from spilling over onto other websites, we wish to remain anonymous. We thank you for respecting this decision.


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