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Post by Admin on Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:36 pm

Welcome to the forum for the English speaking Mori Kei community!

Most of you already know what Mori Kei is, but I'll define it here just in case.

Mori Kei (lit. "Forest Style") is a fashion created by a Japanese girl who calls herself choco. She set up the rules for the fashion in 2006. The style quickly spread outside of Japan, and can be found on almost any continent now. It seems to have the most influence in South Korea, China, North America, and plenty of countries in Europe. With the fashion reaching a wider audience, many have chosen to disregard choco's specific and restraining Mori rules and simply categorize the fashion as a love for whimsical, natural-colored, and loose-fitting layers, though many interpretations exist.

Some also see Mori Kei as a way of life. People who follow a Mori lifestyle often refer to themselves as Mori girls or Mori boys. Being a Morifolk is to embrace a rustic life enjoying simple pleasures like the beauty of meadow flowers or a hot cup of tea.

If any of that sounds pleasing to you, sign up and see what you can find among the community! This forum welcomes any and all Morifolk. Whether you view Mori as a fashion or lifestyle, whether you are new or old to the community, whether you wear Mori Kei every day or just a couple times a month, you may call this forum home.

Before you start posting, however, we implore you to read over the forum rules. They are there to keep everyone safe and happy, including you!

We hope to see you all soon!


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