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The Nearsighted Beginner Coords Empty The Nearsighted Beginner Coords

Post by The Nearsighted Witch on Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:52 am

So this is a bit intimidating since there are absolutely no topics about coords in here and I'm the first one to post, being a beginner I don't have a lot stuff that can be mori (In fact I'm kind of a "jeans & geeky shirt person" most of the time Wink ) So those outfits are mostly just the same skirt, cardigan and tops mixed differently. And as for the hat : I know the color isn't really fitting with the rest but I dare you to come and take this hat of my head xD I wear it all the time, it's like a "signature hat" tbh, plus it is actually a rat (it has rat ears and face and the bobble is actually it's nose =3) Anyway, i'd like some advice on how it looks (and more's to come since I'm waiting for a new package of clothes to arrive)
Please forgive the crappy quality of these pictures Wink

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