Hello fellow morifolks !

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Hello fellow morifolks ! Empty Hello fellow morifolks !

Post by The Nearsighted Witch on Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:56 am

Hi ! On this forum I'm The Nearsight Witch but I usually go by Kip, however, you can call me whatever cute name you want Wink
I'm an 18 yo morifolk from France that studies animation, I do have a tumblr but it's not really mori oriented ? (anyway my main blog is makips.tumblr.com and it's also my art blog, feel free to come and chat !)

I'm not really sure how I first heard about the fashion ? I probably stumbled upon it on tumblr ? Though the funny thing is I used to wear a lot of things you could deem "mori" as a kid, long panneled flowery skirts, cotton tunics, cute cardigans...I didn't really like it back then ? Silly me. I've been looking at mori coords for a veeeery long time until this september when I moved out and decided to slowly build a mori wardrobe. I like both "traditionnal" (meh I don't know how to say that, sorry xD) and dark-whitchy mori as I'm also a beginner witch interested in herbology and sigils.

Being introverted I like the quiet and slow paced mori lifestyle the most. I enjoy walking, meditating and drawing in the nature but I haven't found a nice place to do that yet as I moved to a new town.
My favourite season is autumn, nature's colors are just wonderful a this time of the year.
My hobbies involve drawing a lot, building stories and worlds, watching movies, reading, D&D, also I really like anything scifi.

I hope the community grows a lot more because I find it difficult/not really practical to speak through tumblr.
Feel free to message me or talk to me here, or on my blog, I'd love to make new friends ! =)
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