hello new friends! <3

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hello new friends! <3 Empty hello new friends! <3

Post by December's Eve on Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:00 am

My handle on this forum is December's Eve, but you can call me Evie or Jaz. Either one is perfectly fine. And yes, Eevee's are my favorite Pokemon. I'm one of those folk that prefer the cute ones over the powerful ones. (Actually I don't know much about Pokemon...I just play Pokemon Go with my eight-year-old niece who loves the show and I love spending time with her. Shhh.)

I'm 24 years old and while I have a Tumblr (theromanticheroine), it's more of a personal blog than it is specifically a mori related blog.

Although I've known about the fashion for a few years now, it's only recently that I've begun to think that it's something that I can pull off. I love the relaxed, feminine feel that I get when I layer together my admittedly few pieces and I love the approach to life that a lot of mori folk seem to hold. As someone who suffers from anxiety, being mindful and going about life at your own pace whilst appreciating the little things is very important.

I'm a beginner witch and I think that a good amount of the things that I study and have an interest tie in wonderfully with the mori lifestyle. I'm studying herbology, as well as cottage witchcraft which essentially centers around with magick that centers around the home and hearth. I am a student and part time funeral removal assistant though, so I don't get to study my practice as much a I'd like!

My favorite seasons are the 'in between' ones, autumn and spring. Perhaps that's because I have Persephone in my soul and those are her shifting seasons.

I'm a writer, though most of my work is centered around the fae and mermaids as of late. Cycling back to when I was a little girl. And I draw occasionally too.

I don't know what else to put. I'm exhausted and rambling but I hope to make some new friends on this forum! <3

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