Greetings and Salutations! ~ Fellow Forest Folk!

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Greetings and Salutations! ~ Fellow Forest Folk! Empty Greetings and Salutations! ~ Fellow Forest Folk!

Post by Wing-ed Mouse on Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:23 am

What should we call you?
° Something nice? Any variation of my username will be fine, just Mouse is probably preferred though.

Do you have a blog (especially Mori related)?
° Not as of yet. Though I would love to one day, maybe after I've been involved in the community for a bit.

How did you hear about/get into Mori Kei?
° Like a lot of other people, through the power of the internet.

How do you participate in Mori Kei? (through clothing, hobbies, lifestyle, viewpoints, etc.)
° I'm not quite sure how to answer this actually. I don't actually own any clothes that would really count as Mori yet, and I wouldn't say that my lifestyle quite fits. However, I would say, that my viewpoints coincide with what I believe the lifestyle stands for. When I think Mori, I think childlike, whimsical, independent, wondrous, and those are all things that I desperately do not want to let go of. A bit of Peter Pan syndrome here, as you can see. I also aspire to living a less complicated life, one that i can find simple pleasures in, including being happy living in solitude (as one would in a forest, for example)

What is your favorite season and/or weather?
° Autumn and Winter!

What are your pastimes?
° Cosplay, Sewing, Studying costume Design, Curiosity Collecting (Bones, Butterflies, and Wet Specimens,) Movies (Especially foreign films,) Video Games, Reading Manga, Cooking, Baking, and generally being clumsy?

Show us some of your favorite Mori coords!
° I don't have any yet O^O But I hope to start thrifting soon. Time that we get a few more outspoken Mori boys into the community, no?

I'm very excited to join this forum, especially with it just starting up! Thank you very much for having me ~I hope that we can all become close to one another.
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