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Hi everyone! Empty Hi everyone!

Post by emotion_milkshake on Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:13 am

What should we call you? Call me Greta
Do you have a blog (especially Mori related)? Some stuff is mori, some not so much ratatoskr0.tumblr.com
How did you hear about/get into Mori Kei? Exploring the internet. I became interested in Japanese fashion styles, and eventually found Mori, and fell in love

How do you participate in Mori Kei? (through clothing, hobbies, lifestyle, viewpoints, etc.) Mostly lifestyle, since I usually dress more... idk boyish? but i like to add aspects of Mori kei into my outfits, with accessories, scarves, etc. Lots of my hobbies fall into the Mori lifestyle and i like how Mori has me appreciate nature and be kind to others. I have always been the happiest when i'm in nature, and i like quiet, being-on-my-own activities

What is your favorite season and/or weather? Spring! Because I like to see the way everything is constantly changing, and I think it helps me to live in the moment. In the summer and winter all days look the same to me, and I feel like time passes me by. But in the spring and fall each moment feels new~

What are your pastimes? I love art, reading, watching movies. I also like to draw, go hiking, take walks in nature or ride a bike

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Hi everyone! Empty Re: Hi everyone!

Post by LovedLauren on Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:42 am

I like to draw too! Nice to meet you Greta.

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