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Hello it's me! Empty Hello it's me!

Post by Raindrop on Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:20 pm

Hi everyone!

What should you call me?: Well, Raindrop is okay but there's also name Seri! It's not my real name, more like an internet nickname (since now. it just popped into my mind).

Birthday: 10th of January. I'm currently sixteen.

Location: Finnish Lapland.
Languages: Finnish (yay my first language), English (yay I speak it well), and a little bit of Swedish (yay I'm obligated to study it in school) and French (yay I study it in school but I still can't speak or even write it). Note: my English is not perfect. There will be a lot of spelling mistakes and weirdly done sentences, so be aware! I won't get mad if you kindly point out my mistakes, either.

Mori fashion?: I'm just a beginner! I heard about mori kei in the autumn 2015, I think, but it was last spring when I fell in love with it. I really like the clothing style, but I don't have so many mori-ish clothes that I could wear it often - or layer clothes in a way I would like to. I'm planning to get more, but right now my wardrobe is a chaos and.
The other thing that is in the way of my mori clothing, is my affection to many other fashion styles. My style is a mishmash: one day I can wear all black clothes and a freaking lot of eyeliner, the next day a lacey white dress, and the next day a colourful flowery shirt and old jeans.

Mori lifestyle?: yeah this is the thing. I'm a bit of a mori stereotype with my hobbies: reading, writing, painting, drawing, walking in the nature, photography, etc. etc. I also try to somehow spread the relaxed, live-in-the-moment, friendly attitude well let's not talk about do i actually manage to do it!. I also love the mori aesthetic that is not clothes, you know, like old romantic furniture, wildflowers, cottages in the woods, everything like that!
Also I think being nature-friendly is part of my 'mori lifestyle'.

Favourite season?: I would still say winter, even though I like every one of them. I hate choosing things!
Favourite animal?: Dragonfly, hedgehog (sadly we don't have hedgehogs here in the north!), mountain hare, and especially birds! My favourite birds would probably be willow tit, blackbird, siberian jay and owls.
Favourite flower?: arctic starflower

You can find me in...
- Instagram: @vesilintu
- Tumblr: bunnybirds

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Hello it's me! Empty Re: Hello it's me!

Post by woodlandwisp on Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:25 pm

How very nice to meet you! I think Raindrop is an adorable name ^^

I've always been curious but never really had a platform to ask-- what is it like dressing Mori in Finland? In America, at least among my associates, people either think it's cute or really weird and no one really recognizes the fashion. I'm curious how people react in other cultures.

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Hello it's me! Empty Re: Hello it's me!

Post by fishkit on Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:14 pm

it's nice to meet you! raindrop is a cute name. you can call me tessa.

welcome to the mori community, as well!! it is very friendly and fun here. i really hope you enjoy building up a good mori closet and i look forward to seeing your outfits if you decide to share Smile

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Hello it's me! Empty Re: Hello it's me!

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